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Friday, October 08, 2010

Chatting with Bradley

He’s becoming more conversational, even if he does speak his own language.

Sometimes I answer him with the same gibberish and we have a conversation, but about what I don’t know. He’s happy with whatever it is I’m telling him, though.

It’s all part of his speech development and he’s doing great. I look forward to that day when we can have a conversation in my language! :o)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Want “More”?

Once Bradley started sitting in his high chair to eat, I started using the sign for “more” with him. Yesterday he signed to me for more animal cracker (organic from Whole Foods – yum!):

The reason I chose “more” is because it’s easy for him to put his hands together in front of his body. The sign is made by tapping the tips of your fingers together with your hands closed. When he first started mimicking the sign, it was just like “patty-cake”. Now he’s got one hand closed and one open. I don’t correct him, eventually he’ll close that second hand and make the sign correctly. What’s important is that he’s using the sign to communicate. I think this is very exciting! :o)

It’s time to start learning a new sign – I’m thinking “eat” would be a good one.

(You probably noticed the bubbles. Jess purchased an inexpensive bubble machine for Bradley’s birthday party, but forgot to take it. I put bubble solution in it and just let it run on the front porch while we played. Hundreds of bubbles rained down and he loved them.)