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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Once again...

Yes, my computer is awaiting yet another repair, so I'm using Greg's laptop for a few minutes each day to try to stay caught up on email and such. Greg is going to attempt the replacement of the piece on my laptop where the power cord plugs in, but it'll be Wednesday or so before the part arrives. The computer shop wants $120-200 to fix it, and I just cannot justify putting that much $$ into a four and a half year old computer. Isn't that sad? Well, I'll either have my laptop back by the end of the week (fingers crossed) or will have to keep on stealing a minute here and there on Greg's until a new one comes along.
In the meantime, there are projects to work on around here that seem to get done quicker when there is no computer distraction. (Funny how I'm able to prioritize, huh..) One of those projects is finishing Bradley's bedroom, which has been the playroom for the past few years. Closet rearranging, furniture painting, and wall treatments will all happen. The toys will still be accessible for all of the kids, but the room will be his until he and his mommy get a home of their own.
Anyway, please wish us luck that my DIY handyman husband is able to figure out how to fix my computer, and stay tuned for updates on project progress!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Snowflakes I love

Several years ago I started collecting crocheted snowflakes to put on the Christmas tree. The summer before she got sick, my mom made several for me for my birthday gift, and I love them. I hung them on my Christmas tree, knowing what an effort it had been for Mom to learn to make them, and that she’d enjoyed learning a new handcraft.

The Christmas after Mom died, as I was unpacking my ornaments and decorations, I had a pit in my stomach and an ache in my heart. My mom loved Christmas and I was missing her so much. I called Tonita and we cried a little and she made me feel better. Then I opened the package that held the snowflakes. I literally felt like someone had punched me at first, but soon I was able to be comforted by the love they represented.

Over the years I’ve used the snowflakes well after Christmas as part of my winter decorations. Usually they’re on a small tree that stays up past Easter, but this year I did something a little different. You saw snowflakes hanging on the baker’s rack in my previous post – some are from Mom, but most of those are the ones I purchased.


They’re hung using twisted ornament hangers. The ones on the candlesticks just have their strings under the candles so they hang freely.

I wanted something wintry for my few apothecary jars, and filled them part-way with fake snow, then started looking around for something else to tuck inside. Aha! The snowflakes.

1-19-10 057

I love how these came out, so delicate looking.

So while I long for Springtime, I can’t help but enjoy these wintry displays. You see, they warm my heart.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Therapy

The days have been gray – foggy, wet, cold, and depressing. Winter is a long way from being over.  In an effort to lift my spirits I picked up some clearance tulips at the store the other day.

1-19-10 053

Yes, those are snowflake decorations hanging on the baker’s rack, and I think they’re very pretty, but the tulips made me smile. They’re a little touch of Springtime, a glimmer of hope that this insane winter will one day go away.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Faces of Boredom

My kitty boys are kept inside most of the time, and they’ve been okay about not having to be out in the cold and wet and miserable weather this winter.  But it gets a little boring being in the house all the time…

1-19-10 051

The other morning when I got home from work I found them on the table by the back door. Tucker was lying on the dirty clothes in the basket. Max was contemplating climbing inside my gym bag…

1-19-10 050

Well, perhaps that would take too much effort.1-19-10 049 Do you think if they just ignore me I’ll go away?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow Play

Last Saturday we had the kids here all day to play. The weather was beautiful and they spent some time after lunch out in the yard, climbing the snow hills.

1-19-10 030

1-19-10 031

1-19-10 033

Each of them got a spray bottle filled with colored water to “decorate” the snow. 1-19-10 025

I purchased “ironing spray” bottles at “SprawlMart” – they cost a little more than the ones in Health and Beauty, but I figured the volume difference was worth it. We only refilled each bottle once and they played over an hour with them. Be prepared to use a lot of the liquid food coloring in each bottle so the color shows up on the snow. I purchased the store brand at a little over a dollar for the four colors.

1-19-10 022

This activity not only fosters creativity, but teaches cause and effect, and is a good one for small muscle control. We had a little lesson in social development also when they had to choose to settle a dispute without squirting each other with the colored water. :o)

1-19-10 023

I love my decorated snow spots around the front yard. 

Monday, January 04, 2010

Sweet pea

Just showing off a photo of the grandboy and his mom. I took this last week when they were playing on the floor. 

01-03-09 008

Bradley was three months old last week. He’s starting to grasp objects and when he happens to get ahold of something,  puts it in his mouth – his favorite thing being our fingers.

He seems to be recognizing people, or realizing when he doesn’t recognize someone. He also recognizes the bottle and opens wide when you show it to him.

The jabbering continues, cooing and squealing and belly laughing. Takes after his mom…  :o)