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Friday, November 24, 2006


Ushered in here with Kleenex, cough drops, and Sudafed. Ugh.

I put up a small tree in a corner to see what the cats will do. They pretty much ignore it unless I'm fussing with the branches or lights. I'm still not sure about putting up the big tree... Photo is of the tree last year. I LOVE my big tree... :o)

No "Black Friday" shopping for us today. I would have drug my sorry self out if there had been some burning need for something, but fortunately there was not. I have a couple of big things left to put together for a class, then I can concentrate on finishing my shopping. I'd say I'm about halfway done.

I also did not get to go to Lincoln to see Debbie and her family, which I was disappointed about. I thought if I slept awhile this morning, maybe I'd go this afternoon, but felt even worse when I woke up at 10:30, so I called her and cancelled. We'll get together next time. Or maybe I can talk Greg into a trip to Tennessee...

I did have Greg reach down my toter of Santa mugs, and I sorted through those and the ones I got from ebay this Fall. I have a pretty huge collection now, along with salt and pepper shakers. Wonder where I'll put all of them?

I did get to watch most of the second half of the Nebraska/Colorado football game. I came in just as CU scored their second touchdown to tie the game. I almost went back to the bedroom to watch HGTV, but I'm glad I didn't. Way to go HUSKERS!

Jessi should be back any minute with our Chinese takeout for supper, and Greg is watching "Titanic", so I'll join him and snuggle in for the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Barb M said...

Thanksgiving in Lincoln was great but we had car transmission problems so it took us 3 hrs to get home instead of 2. It was nice to see everyone. Miss Vivi was held all day and so thats what we did most of yesterday. She learns fast! Our Hummingbird cake was a hit and the Mac n Cheese with all the kids. Daniel and Vivi hit it off real good and she even let him wash all the goo from her cake in the kitchen sink. She was covered.Gonna try to put up the tree today.Hope you feel better.

Heidi said...

Go for it with your big tree Tammy. It looks so beautiful from last year and I bet the cats will be okay with it.

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sherry said Hi punkin. Hope your feeling better. I had a time finding your blog, but I finally located it. Hope you are feeling better and can enjoy the New Year.Your big tree is beautiful. I would have loved to be with my family at Dan's too. They had a wonderful time. Kathy and the boys were there. She dearly loves playing with Dax, Caspian,all of them. She is a good mother for boys. Get well baby, I really enjoyed our visit this last summer, maybe next time we will have more time. Aunt sherry

Anonymous said...

Tammy where are your previous blogs,the ones with the picture of Bill and I. Did you have a blog of your trip to Alaska? Aunt Sherry