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Monday, August 08, 2011

Make Do & Mend Monday

It’s been a few weeks since I posted – things have been a tad busy, but no complaints. Silas is a sweet way to be busy!

Silas (10)

I know, I could look at him all day, too, but let’s move on to my “Make Do & Mend” project.

A few years ago I made my own shopping bags and they’ve been really useful for lots of things. Mostly they keep from having to bring home a bazillion of those nasty plastic bags when I buy groceries. (Those bags multiply in the night, you know.) There used to be a big plastic bag filled (stuffed) with plastic bags hanging from a hook in the laundry room. Then there was a big paper canister from dishwasher tabs stuffed with more bags – that was tucked into a bottom cabinet. Then there was my Noah’s ark cookie jar stuffed with still more… plus the assorted few tossed on the counter waiting to be stuffed somewhere. Like I said, the cloth bags took care of bringing so many of the others in the house.

I still need a few of them, though, since I use them to clean out the litter box, for small trash bags, and for loading up with giveaway stuff for donation or to take wherever it needs to go. So once in awhile I leave the cloth bags in the car and take the plastic, and while I don’t have near the volume of plastic bags hanging around that I used to, storing them is still an issue. Well, it was an issue – until today. The other night I found this on Pinterest – using an empty wipes container to store plastic bags, and they’re folded in such a way that as you pull one out, the handle to the next pops up. Genius!

I had a Lysol wipes container that I’d just emptied over the weekend. It’s a little larger than what was used in the inspiration link, but I have plenty of bags to fill it up!


(See the ark back there? It’ll be great to empty that jar and fill it with COOKIES!)

I won’t rewrite the directions here – please visit the link to see how it’s done. I also didn’t decorate my container – it’s just going under the bathroom sink in the cabinet. I did, however, label the container so anyone who may need to replace the bag in the trash in there will know where to get one.


A little vinyl and the Cricut make lovely labels for almost everything! Obviously I just peeled off the paper label and rubbed on the vinyl one.

It is filled up with bags and snugly at home under that bathroom sink. The other one will be filled to go in the master bath as soon as the wipes are used up. You have to know that now I’ll choose my wipes by container size, because I need one of these in the garage, one in the car, and one by the litter box. No more bags of bags hanging around – yea!


My good friend Heidi is the creator of Make Do & Mend – check out her awesome projects and then visit more of my friends who are listed on the sidebar of her blog. They always have creative and inspirational MD&M’s.




Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Introducing the New Grandboy…

You know when the phone rings at 10:15 on a Saturday night that something is afoot. It was Jessica calling to let us know that she was on her way to the hospital in Lincoln. Contractions were 3 minutes apart, and had been going on like that for two hours. She’d had so much “false” labor over the past several weeks that she wasn’t counting on staying at the hospital, but stay she did, and at 3:26 Sunday morning she gave birth to the sweetest little boy!

His name is Silas Paul Robinson and he’s so cute we could just eat him up! Everyone thought Jess would have at least an 8-pounder this time, but he was a lean 6 lb., 13 oz., and 19 3/4” long.

Silas bassinette

Mama and Daddy are both very happy -

Silas with Mama and Daddy

and his big brother Bradley just adores him!


Of course the rest of us, do, too, and we can’t wait to get to know the little guy!


Grammy Tammy