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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ever Wonder What a Laptop Tastes Like?

Last night I was sitting on the living room floor with my computer on my lap. Bradley crawled across the room and peeked up over the screen at me…

3-30-10 023

then he took a taste.


Friday, March 26, 2010

Back to the Past – Easter version


Here is an Easter photo from 1966:

Easter 1966

I would have been 4 1/2, Arlan – 8 mos., Alan 21 mos., Tonita 3 1/2 years. Mom was expecting Randy who would be born the next September.

One of my favorite childhood memories is when we colored Easter eggs. We always did it on the evening before Easter Sunday.

Mom would boil the eggs and make up the colored water in coffee cups on the table. I remember that we used spoons to dip the eggs rather than the little wire dipper doodad that came with the box of color tablets. We’d all gather round the table and see how creative we could get – there were a few very interesting color combinations over the years. We also used the wax stick that was enclosed with the color tablets to draw mod flowers and write our names. Mom let us do whatever we wanted, and the older we got, the wilder the eggs got.

4 7 07

Here we are circa 1972 or 73 on Easter Sunday.  (l to r: Alan, Randy, Tonita, me, Arlan)

The original photo was a Polaroid so there was no date. I remember the shirt I was wearing, and I want to say I was 11 years old or so…

We were on our way to Sunday School, then over to Grandma and Grandpa Adams’s for a little while to play with the cousins. It was a Sunday morning tradition to gather at Grandma’s and visit.

Lastly, we have Easter Sunday 1978.

April 7 040

Tonita, me, Mom on the couch, Alan on the floor in front (notice his original “Super Ducks” t-shirt. That was the first year that York’s Girls Basketball team won State. I still have my t-shirt. No, you cannot borrow it for Homecoming or Basketball season. Yes, I’ve been asked several times.) We were getting ready to go to Henderson to Grandma and Grandpa Regier’s house for Easter dinner.

Mom sewed my top and skirt as well as her own. They were wrap skirts and I loved mine.

April 7 053

This is me and Randy playing nice. :o)

April 7 054

Alan didn’t want to play… 

We don’t always get to gather for Easter anymore, though we each have wonderful in-law families to celebrate with. I will, however, be thinking of them all when I help the kids color eggs tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grace Makes Rainbows

Last Saturday the kids spent the day here. While the boys played Wii, Grace and I made some Rainbow Cupcakes for a spot of sunshine on a very gray and cloudy day.

The recipe is posted here. It’s from Family Fun, one of my favorite magazines for fun things to do with kids.

Essentially, we mixed up a white cake mix, divided and colored the batter, then layered it in cupcake papers.

Grace had never held the hand mixer by herself before:

3-17-10 001

She did a great job and followed all of my instructions so we didn’t get cake batter all over the kitchen.

Here she is putting one of the last layers of colored batter in the cupcake papers. This was a tedious process, but she was very patient.

3-17-10 006

After they cooled, I frosted and she decorated. She used jelly beans and rainbow sprinkles.

3-17-10 010

Garett was kind enough to show off the inside of his cupcake for the camera. They actually were a bit more striped than this shows.

3-17-10 011

Isn’t it pretty?  They definitely brightened a dreary day!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Diggin’ It!

The kids spent a good part of today at my house, but we did run to town for an errand, and on the way, we were watching geese fly overhead, and talking about Spring being on it’s way (please?).

With Randy’s and Leslie’s permission, I’ve signed up the kids and myself to participate in the Little Diggers program at a local nursery beginning next month. Little Diggers have a vegetable garden and the kids get to plant and take care of the garden all through the summer.

So I mentioned Little Diggers to the kids and they said yes, they knew about it, their mom had told them. I asked if they thought it was a good idea that we go, and they all said yes, they wanted to go. Then Grace said, “I can dig. I can dig really fast! I can dig really fast like a BEAVER!”


I look forward to seeing that. :o)


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Making Our Own Sunshine

Yes, the days are cloudy and gray. Cold today with a probability of a few inches of snow overnight. Winter is lingering, and anyone who expected differently is disappointed.

This grayness is depressing, robbing us of energy and verve. (verve [vɜːv]  great vitality, enthusiasm, and liveliness; sparkle)

This morning when I walked into work, I was greeted by this:

3-11-10 013

We’re done waiting for Mother Nature to restore our vitality, enthusiasm, liveliness, and sparkle.

We make our own sunshine, Man!

3-11-10 012


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Back to the Past

I was browsing photos on my computer today, and remembered a photo that Aunt LaVerna and I talked about yesterday.  This photo was taken at the nursing home in Henderson of my great-grandmother, Susanna, with me, my sister, and our cousin Jackie. I remember when it was taken, though I don’t know why Alan isn’t in the photo since he’s just 6 weeks or so younger than Jackie. Perhaps it was just a “girls” photo?                                        great grandma regier

Tonita, Great Grandma holding Jackie, me

One of the things LaVerna brought to me yesterday was a copy of a front-page newspaper article about Great-Grandma Regier’s funeral services. Her funeral was 45 years ago today. 

She was born in 1880 and married in 1899.

Here she is with her family circa 1912. She would have been 32 years old.

Old Regier (Grandpa's family)

(The littlest guy is my grandfather, Ferdinand.)

Her husband was Abraham. The eldest boy is Dave, the other boy is Paul. The girls are Olga and Anna, but I don’t know which is which. Dave was 10 years older than Grandpa, then there were two more children to come, Verna and Ruben. Ruben was 10 years younger than Grandpa, and was the youngest child. He’s currently the sole surviving sibling from that family.


The only thing I remember about Susanna was going to visit her in the nursing home, where she had lived since I was a year old. I don’t recall interacting with her at all, but I was pretty little.

Uncle Wendell told us that people called her husband “Abraham-Suz” because he was married to Susanna, and his father’s name was also Abraham (who was married to Sarah). That’s how they knew who they were talking about. It’s little things like that that I love knowing about. :o)


Friday, March 05, 2010

He's Going to Crawl Any Minute

Five months old and he's rockin' and rollin' all over the living room floor. :o)

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Writing on the Wall

I love words. I like reading them, writing them, and mostly, speaking them. They’re a powerful tool when used correctly, and hopefully this latest project qualifies as such a use.

Many weeks ago at the gym where I work, we decided to add some inspirational vocabulary words to a blank concrete block wall in the gym. Rose, the fitness director, started a list, and Jess and I added to it, coming up with several dozen words that we thought would inspire our gym members to work hard and stay committed to their fitness goals.

This is not the first time I’ve put words on a wall in a public venue, but this time it was much easier. Instead of printing out the font, tracing it onto the wall, then handpainting, I used my Cricut and cut the words from vinyl. The vinyl adheres to the wall in a simple process, and will peel off without harming the paint when we’re done with it.

We started with wide expanses of purple(!) cement block walls. In this first photo, I have one word put up as a trial. I wasn’t sure how well the vinyl would adhere, but the paint has a flat finish, so it worked pretty well.

wall before

We did this wall first, putting up just a couple of words a day.

03-01-10 007

Then we moved to the other side of the men’s locker room door.

03-01-10 010

Then we went on to the other side of the wall, around the corner and down the hall.

03-01-10 003

You can see that I used several different fonts and letter sizes. Design Studio for Cricut was invaluable for designing words that fit the size of each brick.

Feedback from gym members has been wonderfully positive. When someone drags in early in the morning (I get up at 4 AM, so do not cry to me about getting up early!) I direct their attention to the wall o’ words and tell them to be inspired!