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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ninety years old

We celebrated Grandma Regier's 90th birthday yesterday. Just a small family gathering, but she got to meet her two newest great-grandchildren, Case and Taylor.

A simple cake with white frosting and real purple roses. I wanted to put 90 candles on it, but we didn't want to set off the fire alarms. :o) There was one candle for every decade. Grandma got two of them:

Jeff and I help her finish them:

Meeting Case William Anderson:

Meeting Taylor Rae Regier:
A hug from her oldest great grandchild, Nick:


Barbara Allen Moore said...

She looks wonderful and her cake was so pretty!

Nancy said...

Your grandmother looks wonderful for turning 90.I love her birthday cake.The picture of her holding the baby is priceless.