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Monday, February 21, 2011

Using Up the Yogurt

Well, Jessica may have spit her taste of the homemade yogurt into the sink, but her son loves it!

This Grammy had her thinking cap on yesterday when she cut up and froze a nicely ripened banana.

This afternoon for snack, that banana, some frozen blueberries, about a cup of the yogurt, a drip of really yummy Kansas honey, and a little splash of milk combined to make Bradley a most delicious smoothie. He took the first taste and I heard, “Mmmmm…”. I asked if he liked it and I got, “MmmmHmmm…”


I tried to get a photo of his purple mustache, but the glass didn’t leave his face long enough.

I just love this boy.


Susan in SC said...

Oh, that sweet Bradley! He loves his smoothie! Now, I might like a smoothie made like yours!

Rhonda said...

awww, I love this boy too and I've never met him. But I just know I do.

I really should make yogurt, Gavin's parents even have 2 milk cows so I can get about all the milk I want.
Why don't you and Bradley make a road trip here and you can help me make some. :)