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Monday, April 21, 2008

Going green, Baby!

Don't you hate when you go to the grocery store and they ask "paper or plastic"? I do. Neither is the better choice. I always just sigh and say it doesn't matter. And I usually am given plastic. Then they collect for months until I think to grab them on my way out the door and take them for recycling or donation.
No more.
I used this tutorial to sew up this re-usable shopping bag. It took a couple of hours, but only because I had to stop and fix supper in the middle, and the oven wouldn't light, and we messed around for a long time with that. (Yeah, I have to call a repairman tomorrow. Ugh.) I'm thinking the next few bags will whip up in no time.
I used fabric from my "stash" - some of Jessi's denim-like green, and a lightweight yellow cotton for the lining. I've never sewn anything lined before, and am quite happy with how this came out. The instructions and photos were clear and easy to follow. The only change I made was to make the handles a few inches longer, and I didn't put quilt batting in them. The next bags will be made about six inches wider so they'll hold a little more.
This is a small step toward living a "greener" lifestyle, but an important one, I think. Now I need to remember to take them into the store with me. :o)


Muum said...

Ah! My daughters and I made cloth bags, too. Now I am rummaging thru all the fabric remnant bins, because it is a perfect use for a small piece of fabric!!

YOu can see here:
and thanks for your kind comments and visit to my blog!

Susan in SC said...

This is really cute Tammy! I have totes on my list of things to make this week too! Thanks for sharing the tutorial you used! Susan in SC

Barbara Allen Moore said...

Ok so I'm a whimp! We bought our grocery bags at Walmart for $1 @. Its part of the Walmart goes green plan. The drawback is that you have to place the bags on the plastic bag arms yourself the clerk doesn't fill the bag unless that's done. For small shopping this is fine, but for us we use 10 bags or more and do 2 wks worth at a time. We also had to search for and then ask where the bags were. They were on an end cap, no advertising about midway down the checkout aisle. I don't think Walmart is serious. WE also have 6 large bags that we got from a world market store that was going out of business for free. But I think we'll make the rest in the future. Yours looks great!