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Friday, February 17, 2006

Her recovery continues...

We had a good day yesterday - the cystogram showed no leaks in Jessi's bladder, so the urologist took out the catheter. She sees him again in a week to make sure all is well.
She really wanted to go to Hastings to see some friends, so we drove to her dorm to get some things, then visited people for a little while. I got to meet her McD's coworkers. On the way home she commented that it was so nice to get out and see people! :o)
She's still using the walker and taking the Percocet. I imagine today will be bad for pain since she was in and out of the car so much yesterday and on her feet a lot.
Greg and I are trying to get back into our routines as much as possible. We each are still having to take some time off work to get her to doctor's appointments and such, but I'm thinking by the end of next week she should be okay on her own at home. Then maybe another week and she can go back to school? We'll see - depends on how well she can walk and do stairs. Right now she's exhausted by taking a shower. :o)

1 comment:

Patty said...

Wow! Keep it up Jessica!! I hope you have a QUICK QUICK recovery! Thinking of you and glad you are exhausted going to the restroom ;) and not worse. Sending xoxoxo your way!!