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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Little blessings (in no particular order)

Looks like March is coming in like a lamb. February sure went out like one!

I was able to get off work a little early yesterday and today and enjoy the nice weather. Took a walk and saw the neighborhood again. Felt good.
Jess is back at school. Lots of work to make up, but she'll get there. Stressing about not being able to work, but SHE DOES HAVE A MEAL PLAN, so she really doesn't have to buy groceries...
I finally ripped some CD's and downloaded my Mp3 player I got for Christmas. Took it to workout Monday morning. The ear buds kept popping out, so I didn't get to enjoy. I've replaced those and look forward to some of my favorite classic rock music to exercise by tomorrow. Yea!
Made the most yummy Italian Crockpot beef sandwiches for supper tonight. It was great to walk in the house this afternoon and smell a delicious supper cooking. Just had to mix up some salad and bake the Ciabatta buns.
Anyone else watch Grey's Anatomy? Jessi and I love it and make sure to watch every Sunday night. Sometimes she's in Hastings watching, and I'm at home, and we call each other during commercial breaks.
Grace is walking a little bit! Leslie said she takes a couple of steps between things now.
Only five and a half months until our cruise!
Aren't these guys just too cute? This is their "One year" photo done at the studio.
Some sad news about a friend who is ill. I so wish the outcome was different, but hospice will help her and her family. Those people are amazing. They make the worst time of life bearable, and are a huge blessing to everyone they serve.
Wyatt has a new kissing game and makes the best "fish lips"!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

they have really changed in looks. I guess it is all the growing. They are truly precious and of course BIG brother is darling sitting in your refrig. How funny. they can really brighten a persons day. if you are in a bad mood how can you not smile and see all the love they bring.Good job!, Lesilie and Randy. Three of God's miracles.