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Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's in...

What's in your FRIDGE?
skim milk, leftover turkey, limes, a cucumber, turkey sausages, cooked bacon, thawed hamburger, fresh spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, Diet Coke, (margaritas - shhh!).

What's in your PURSE?
Wallet, checkbook, comb, notebook, bifocals, make-up bag (has no make-up in it, full of Aleve, Midol, sinus meds, nail clippers, small scissors, a bandaid).

What's in your CLOSET?
Clothes, coin jar, jewelry, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Autumn decorations, craft supplies, sheets, suitcases, shoes, gifts for next Christmas.

What's in your DVD player?
Chronicles of Narnia

What's in your CAR?
Wyatt's car seat, a jacket, a library book, Garett's shirt and shorts, Garett's bottle, empty pop cup, large tub with paper for recycling from work, stack of buckets and lids.

Your turn!

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