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Monday, May 29, 2006


The peonies exploded into bloom on Friday. I love having a sea of pink in the back yard. A couple of my bushes are from Mom's (Grandma Adams') yard. I remember Mom saying that peonies always bloomed by Memorial Day weekend. She also told me that they needed ants to crawl all over them before they would bloom. I know now that is a myth, but the first year I had flower buds, I was stressing because I didn't see any ants and I just knew those buds would never open! :o)
I love to cut a big bunch and bring them in the house (after I shake off the ants which are plentiful!). I always think of my mom when the peonies are blooming. It's a comfort to me.


Barb said...

I was out watering my peonies the other day and thought good the ants are on them so the flowers will open. That's what my mom told me. Gee we must be related!

Patty said...

Holy Moly!!!!!! I was told that too! I have believed that all this time and I have told NUMEROUS people too!! Are you SURE? hahaha! How funny! xoxoxo