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Monday, May 29, 2006


The peonies exploded into bloom on Friday. I love having a sea of pink in the back yard. A couple of my bushes are from Mom's (Grandma Adams') yard. I remember Mom saying that peonies always bloomed by Memorial Day weekend. She also told me that they needed ants to crawl all over them before they would bloom. I know now that is a myth, but the first year I had flower buds, I was stressing because I didn't see any ants and I just knew those buds would never open! :o)
I love to cut a big bunch and bring them in the house (after I shake off the ants which are plentiful!). I always think of my mom when the peonies are blooming. It's a comfort to me.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Quarter of a Century?!

As I was scanning this photo to put in this blog post about our anniversary, it occured to me that we've been married a quarter of a century. Our 25th wedding anniversary was on Tuesday and we celebrated with our kids by having supper in Lincoln.
It's been a few years since we passed the "been married half my life" milestone. We were just babies. I was 19 and thought I knew how it should be. Everything was supposed to be black and white - little did I know I was destined to a life of gray! :o)
This anniversary was a lifetime in the future.
Greg had just turned 22 the week before. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he showed up at the wedding so I figure he really must've wanted to get married. (And it was his idea!) :o)
I'm so glad he did.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Phone home

Randy keeps saying his kids won't have cell phones or phones in their rooms. That may well be, and we'll respect his parenting decisions. I just hope he knows what he's up against. :o)

(Photo 5/25/06 - Grace with my old cell. She's been carrying it around for two days. Even tries to use it as a TV remote.)

Ridin' the storm out

This was the sky over York on Tuesday evening as we drove back from Lincoln. It made us nervous to see storm-chaser vehicles on I-80. We weren't sure if we should keep going, especially after the radio warned of golfball-sized hail and up to 80 mph winds. We got nothing more than heavy rain and some minor winds, thank goodness.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's in...

What's in your FRIDGE?
skim milk, leftover turkey, limes, a cucumber, turkey sausages, cooked bacon, thawed hamburger, fresh spinach, mushrooms, bell peppers, Diet Coke, (margaritas - shhh!).

What's in your PURSE?
Wallet, checkbook, comb, notebook, bifocals, make-up bag (has no make-up in it, full of Aleve, Midol, sinus meds, nail clippers, small scissors, a bandaid).

What's in your CLOSET?
Clothes, coin jar, jewelry, Christmas decorations, Easter decorations, Autumn decorations, craft supplies, sheets, suitcases, shoes, gifts for next Christmas.

What's in your DVD player?
Chronicles of Narnia

What's in your CAR?
Wyatt's car seat, a jacket, a library book, Garett's shirt and shorts, Garett's bottle, empty pop cup, large tub with paper for recycling from work, stack of buckets and lids.

Your turn!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I guess it's time to tell about the new direction my life is about to take. At the end of April I gave my 30-day notice at my job - my last day is next week on Wednesday. This decision was made after months of thought, stress, and with Greg's support. I am going to finish my AA in Early Childhood next school year, then go on for a Bachelor's from there.
No more sleepless nights worrying about things, no more trying to keep NINE other women happy and still do my job well and follow all the rules.
I still love the place - I just will love it without being responsible for it.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Belated birthday wishes, that is. I meant to put this up last night, but after we got home from supper at Applebee's with the kids, Greg wanted to watch "Narnia", then it was past my bedtime. :o)
Anyway, the man is 47 now and still a hottie! (Stop rolling your eyes, Jessi!)