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Sunday, January 14, 2007


I came across this quote that pretty much describes last week:

"As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible."

Jessi is living back at home now. She's taking a semester off from school, broke up with her boyfriend, and is thrilled to have her life begin a new chapter.

I understand her need to begin anew. To replace the stress with calm. To be with people she trusts. To know that respect and kindness are unconditionally given.

I pray that she finds her path and that it leads to good things.


Barbara Allen Moore said...

She'll be alright because she has a safe place to be. It's been a turbulent year for her and I understand the need to just stop and reasess, to get back some energy and to consider change and all it's meaning. So for now she can bake and cook to her hearts content, watch some soaps, get a job, paint a picture or two, learn to knit, whatever the choices are she'll be fine. Hugs to you both!

Heidi said...

This is a beautiful picture of you and Jessi together.
I know life is never easy and it is at those most difficult places that the most wonderful and spiritual growing takes places. I hope Jessi can find time and peace and place for herself in the coming months. She is an example to others to stop and assess life. All the best to her and enjoy having her back at home with you.

Anonymous said...

Give our love and best wishes to Jessica and tell her that she can come over and we can go Keith hunting if she wants! :)
Love, Kim