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Monday, August 06, 2007

Tile on the floor

It has taken us just about all day, but the tile is set on the bathroom floor. Greg did all the measuring and cutting, and we only had to sacrifice one tile out of four boxes' worth. Not bad. He also mixed the mastic (thinset) and then brought it to me. I got to spread it, trowel it, and set the tiles. Now that it's finished, I can see a few places that are slightly askew, but nothing to be done about it now, and it really won't be noticeable when I put some rugs down. No, it really won't be. :o)

I'm not loving the paint color as we watch it change from the light tan it's supposed to be in the mornings, to a peachy-orange in the afternoons. Yep, I'm going to change it. I've been watching it for three days, and I just don't like it. It's just paint. (Yes, I'm eating those words I've said a hundred times to other people!)

I am loving that floor, though. Crooked tiles and all, I'm keeping it!


Bobbi and Kurt said...

I love your tile floor! If we ever move, my new kitchen and bathroom are going to be tiled with the heating system underneath. Oh to dream!

Tammy said...

Bobbi - We looked into putting radiant heat under the tiles, but we decided it was cost prohibitive for this small space. It would have been nice, though. Rugs will have to suffice for this room.

Heidi said...

Love your new floor Tammy! You may not be liking the color now due to the flooring too. I now do the floor and then pick my wall color since it changes colors. This is so much fun to watch you working away...