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Friday, September 14, 2007

How many times...

in the past 31 hours have I said:

"Let's go to the potty! Quickly!"

"Please pick up your shoes."

"Do NOT hit/pinch/kick your brother/sister!"

"Why don't you go to the playroom?"

"Yes, I heard you. I heard you. I HEARD you!"

"Just try one bite."

"Pick that up. Pick it up. Pick. It. Up."

"Sit on the chair until the timer goes off."

"Don't pee on the floor!"

"If you have to poop, you tell me so we can go to the potty."

"Do NOT chase the cat!"

How many times in the past 31 hours:

have I had to "come see!"

have I pulled up the blankets to cover little bodies in their sleep and watched them snuggle into the warmth.

have I given and gotten "high fives".

have I had little arms wrapped around my neck, little lips puckered against mine.


Patty said...

ahhhh.. the joys!

Barbara Allen Moore said...

Yes I think those same thoughts every day with Miss Vivi! I wouldn't trade a single one.....except "Nana would really like to go potty by herself".