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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tagged for Favorites

I see my friend Rhonda at A Home With A Smile has tagged me to list some of my favorites.

Sound – I have two: a baby's belly laugh, and the preschoolers singing "Away in a Manger" at the church Christmas program

Late Night Snack – I don't really snack at night, but if we have cake and/or ice cream, that would be my choice.

Smell – vanilla

Color Combination – blue and black
Nut – pecans (as in PIE!) :o)
Time of Year – Autumn (YEA!)
Books – I enjoy all manner of fiction, self-help, decorating, gardening, cookbooks, child-development and parenting
Female Actress – Don't really have a favorite, but I enjoy Susan Sarandon, Meg Ryan, Katherine Hepburn
Flower – daisies
Vacation Spot – Mountains (Vail and Alaska so far)
Subject in School – Sociology
TV Channel – HGTV and Food Network
Radio Station – I prefer stations that play oldies or classic rock
Holiday - Christmas
Perfume – Don't wear it much, but prefer fresh, clean scents
Shoes – Reeboks, baby. Helps the plantar fasciitis and arthritic knees.

Now I'm supposed to tag someone... how about Barbie, Bobbi, Robin, Melanie, and Nancy, and anyone else who wants to share.


Bobbi and Kurt said...

Bobbi’s Favorites:
Sound – Crickets and water moving at the river at night
Late Night Snack – Popcorn, had it for supper last night
Smell – Fruit of any kind
Color Combination – Country blue and light yellow
Nut – almonds
Time of Year – Spring
Books – I like biographies, but only have time for accounting books right now.
Female Actress – Reese Witherspoon
Flower – yellow roses
Vacation Spot – Caribbean beach with strawberry daiquiri in hand
Subject in School – Math
TV Channel – CNN Headline News, Fox News, or Food Network
Radio Station – 94.5, Sirius 70's and 80's stations
Holiday - Halloween, but if you don't consider it a holiday, then Thanksgiving
Perfume – none, makes me sneeze
Shoes – George Strait ropers, have tan and black pairs

Barbara Allen Moore said...

Barbs Favs:
Sound: Vivi's giggles and bagpipes
Late nite snack: a small pc of chocolate
Smell; Yardley English Lavender
Color Combo: soft pale greens with cream or soft white accents
Nut: almonds
Time of year: spring, so I can plant things and plan gardens
books: mysteries, fiction, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, decorating, cookbooks
female actress: no fav but like many of the old actresses from the 40's & 50's,plus Sandra Dee, Debbie Reynolds, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep
Male actor: Sean Connery, Gerard Butler, Pierce Brosnon, Tom Selleck
Flower: wild flowers because they're cheerful and sneaky
Vacation spot: the beach in Washington State
Subject: English (Shakespeare) always wanted to see his plays in Stratford on Avon, England
TV: HGTV, Scifi, Oxygen
Radio station: Power 99, stuff from the 60" when I was a teenager
Holiday: Christmas
Perfume: none, use scented lotions
shoes; anything with a wedge sole and heel, I like space between me and the ground