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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Catching up yet again

Good morning! It is a lovely morning, sunny and cool, with just a tease of Autumn in the air. This is the weather I love and thrive on. After watching the DNC all last week, I told a friend yesterday that if I were President, we'd have Autumn all year long. :o) Anyway, it will be a perfect day for the Nebraska football team to play their first regular season game under the guidance of Bo Pelini and his staff. Win or lose, we'll cheer them on.
So let's catch up since I last posted earlier in the week. I finished my last shift at the theater on Tuesday evening. It was a little sad to hand my keys to the manager, but I know I'll be back there periodically to help, and now that I don't work there, I'll probably want to go see movies more often. I have enough passes to last a very long time...

That brings us to the giveaway I promised for those who commented on my movie quotes post. There were six commenters and everyone's name went into a dish. I swished them around and the name I pulled out was Bobbi! (She's the cousin who thinks she's adopted because she doesn't like chocolate, but we love her anyway.) Take a look and see what Bobbi won:

That lovely prize package contains some movie-watching essentials. Popcorn, of course. Now I do realize that Orvill Redenbacher 100 Calorie Packs aren't anything close to theater popcorn, but I guarantee you it's a LOT healthier for you! (I don't let Greg have the "butter" anymore. That stuff is not butter, but you knew that.) Also included are the requisite Milk Duds (to mix with the popcorn, thereby negating any healthy aspects of that 100 calorie pack), and to mix up the candy experience a little bit, there are Mike and Ikes and Cracker Jacks. (How long has it been since you had Cracker Jacks? I don't remember the last time, but I do remember that Mom used to buy them for us as a treat and oh, it was so much fun to see what that prize in the box turned out to be!) Lastly, there is one of the new Sun Theater refillable drink cups. Bobbi, if you see a movie in York, you can bring that cup along and get it filled for $1. And that's a good deal in the movie theater concessions business! :o) I hope you enjoy your goodies - they'll be on their way to you soon!
BTW, I responded to each person's comment here. Thanks guys, for playing along with me!

During the rest of the week, I finally painted Nick's old bedroom. As soon as I get all the furniture in there, I can decorate. I did get one little project done while watching the DNC. Here's a little hint:
I love how it came out and am anxious to show you, but patience, my dears. This room is smaller in real life than in my mind, so I'm having to tweak my decorating plans a bit. It will be done soon, though, because I need to move on to the next room so I can get the exercise equipment out of my living room...
I also got some tomatoes roasted and made into sauce. There are lots of tomatoes on the plants, it's just taking them forever to ripen. I know it's because of this cooler weather that I am so loving, so I'll be patient and wait for them.
On Thursday I had a mini family reunion at WalMart. I met up with Aunt Janet in the frozen foods aisle and we chatted for a bit. It was good to see her. She and I had no more than parted ways, when Barbie's son Robbie came around the corner. I see Robbie a few times a year, and I guess we really are from the same gene pool, because when we have time, we talk and talk and talk. I enjoyed my visit with him, and it was a long one. :o)
Okay, that is enough random catching up for today. I have a house to clean and Autumn decorations to put out. If I decorate, the season will come. Right?


Anonymous said...

Of course Bobbi won! She wins everything-just ask her about her many conquests. She has to be the luckiest person I know. I'm glad that I crack you up-I try my best. Can't wait to see you in December.

Bobbi and Kurt said...

I used to win a lot, but got rather unlucky the last few years. Thank goodness my good luck rubbed off onto Kurt. That looks like a really good movie package. I will save it for when Kim comes and we will share it while watching a DVD at home.

Barbara Allen Moore said...

Is that a quilt or wall hanging? I also watched the DNC a bit. Well off to sew miss Vivi a new dress. WE also have a camisole with bloomers to do as well. She will look so cute. Then its onto another batch of "doo rags" for my sister and a few "Sunday hats". Our sewing machine is smokin"!