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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I am working hard today getting the den cleaned out and ready to paint. Holy Cow there is a lot of stuff in there. Stuff I obviously thought was necessary, useful, or loved and needed to keep. Unfortunately the "toss" and "donate" piles are not very big... Anyway, I'm taking a quick computer break and read this post so I thought I'd play along and join her conversation. Here goes:

::Name one place you would like to see before you die.

There are so many, but the first that popped into my mind was Italy. Tuscany to be more specific. When I read "Under the Tuscan Sun" (book is 1000% better than the movie!) I fell in love with the idea of spending a summer in Tuscany in my own villa. BTW, I would take Greg along. :o)

::Is there a foreign language you wish you knew or would like to learn?

I wish I was fluent in Spanish. I do speak a very little bit - enough to ask a preschooler to sit down, please, or tell them where the bathroom is.

I also speak a little German, courtesy of High School and Frau ........ (shoot! I can't think of her name!).
Edited 9/3: It was Hoge, Frau Hoge! (prounounced like the sandwich, hoagie). Yeah, came to me when I wasn't even thinking about it. Just popped into my peri-menopausal mind.

::What social issue concerns you the most? What is your favorite soapbox?

I worked for Head Start for fifteen years, so I have a few soapboxes! First thought that came to me, though is the lack of affordable health care in this country. While Nebraska has a good program for children (Kids Connection), there is nothing for women aged 18-40 years. Even when there is insurance available through an employer, it still is often NOT affordable. Do I have an answer? No. I know what I want, but I don't know how it's feasible...

::What do you think your mom would say was the biggest challenge you presented her with?

LOL! I wish my mom was here to answer this, but I think I'm pretty close when I say she thought I argued with her too much. I can still hear her voice saying, "Tammy Lynne, stop arguing with me!" :o)

I better get back to work or I'll have the treadmill and Crossbow in my living room forever...


Heidi said...

Thanks for playing along, Tammy! I need to read Under the Tuscan Sun. The movie was so-so, but I've heard many times that the book is so much better. Italy is on my to-see list as well. :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You live in Nebraska!!

I was challenged to run for "President" along with my running mate Mr. Sock Monkey. We are attempting to campaign across America by getting "invites" to visit all 50 states from bloggers.

We have managed to get invitations from all but 11 states but are WORRIED we won't pull it off. (Mr. Sock Monkey is threatening to get ugly...)

I saw your blog listed somewhere and was hoping you might jump on board and invite us to your state!

You can read about our mission here: (this was the original post)

We decided to start our campaign ONLY if we get all 50 states. As it looks now, we are starting to write our WE COULDNT GET ALL 50 STATES CUZ WE SUCK concession speech!

Today's entry tells you the 11 states we still need!

Thanks for considering helping me (and one angry sock monkey!)

Hallie :)

Jan said...

would u like the stuff in the attic?