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Sunday, September 28, 2008

'Tis the season...

Edited at 9:58 - Right after I posted this, I went out the front door - lo and behold, look what I found in front of the deck. I've been watching for the big guy all week, just so I don't walk into the web, or I may not have noticed this:
for SPIDERS! This past week I've had a couple of close calls with the eight-legged wonders, and that's enough. I can be done with them now.
Last Sunday I was getting ready to host my former coworkers from the theater for our end-of-the-summer party by setting up some outside spaces. I bent down to move a planter and almost stuck my face into this: Yeah, that was my reaction. But isn't it beautiful? I had Nick help me position the planter so my guests would be sure to walk around the web and not brush it as they went by. Believe it or not, no one noticed the web until I pointed it out after they had come into the house!

We kept an eye on it all day, and by evening the web was only about half as big as that morning, and by the next morning it was gone completely.

I tried to put the camera on the inside of the web to get a photo of the front of this giant guy, but didn't want to get too close, so the focus is off. You can still get an idea of how very big he was. Even with all the spectators during the day, and cameras (I wasn't the only one taking photos), this guy never moved.

My next encounter was not so charming. One of my responsibilities at the fitness club where I work part-time is to check the water level in the swimming pool and moniter the water temperature. So on Monday morning I filled the pool what little bit I needed to, then put the hose away. I reached down to pick up the thermometer out of the water, and thank goodness I looked down before I touched this:

Sitting there, wiggling it's hairy front legs. Ewww. I quickly left the pool area, but I knew I couldn't leave the spider - there would be members using the pool in a little while, and they didn't deserve to have to deal with this guy. So I got my cell phone to take a photo, then and scooped him out of the pool onto the deck with a broom. I stepped back and he ran after me! That's when I knew he must DIE. And he did.

So what is it that made the first spider so beautiful and the second so disgusting? I don't know. I just know I've had my share of arachno-fun for this season!


Heidi said...

Eeeewwwwww! Yuk!

Hugs ~

Lesley said...

Maybe the second spider is not so nice because it's in 'your' space indoors (and also, it startled you), whereas the other one was in a bigger space outdoors so you didn't feel so 'threatened'? Just an idea.....btw, I love spiders. :-)