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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Does The Garden Grow?

With all the rain we've had the past few weeks, the garden is green and lush, and has grown, but slowly. Now that the temps are heating up, I expect to see the plants shoot up quickly.
Here's where we began last month: Here's where we are now. I labelled what is where, but you'll have to click on the photo to enlarge and read it. In the blog-spirit of "keeping it real" you can also see all the weedy glory out there. Slowly but surely I'm making progress in getting rid of them.
Oh, and here are Grace and Garett with their artistic rendition of a sidewalk chalk garden. They had chalk from the driveway (around the corner of the garage) clear up to the bottom step of the deck. This was my favorite garden decoration today. :o)

1 comment:

Susan in SC said...

love you garden and the sidewalk art. I only have one square foot garden. Yours is impressive!