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Friday, June 12, 2009

Topping off the Windows

A few years ago I was inspired to create an easy window topper pattern by a photo that was posted on a home decorating bulletin board (this was before the advent of mass blogging, and I didn't save any information about who posted the idea, so unfortunately I can't give credit). I needed something for the four sunroom windows and the one in the kitchen.

The first set I made was during the 2006 holiday season. This fabric was on clearance and is a nice heavy weight for winter. I didn't get back to this project until the next Autumn when I found a pair of lightweight floral panels on clearance and cut them up. I used the same pattern as the winter ones, but for the kitchen window I make it a bit shorter.

The next Spring I picked up this red/white print for the summer version of window toppers. Last weekend I finally pulled it from the box and whipped these up in less than an hour. (The kitty is wanting to be outside and is pouting because I won't let him go roll in the mud.)To make the pattern, I measured the width of the windows and added an inch for seam allowance. Then I cut a paper rectangle that width, and the length I thought I wanted. (To get paper that wide, I taped together a couple of large desk calendar pages.) Another measurement to find the bottom center, then drew lines from the sides (with a few inches of drop to cover the shades) to the center to make the point. After I cut it out, I taped it to the window and made whatever adjustments were needed.
After cutting the fabric, I just used fusible web hem tape to finish each edge (no sewing!), then attached the topper to the top of the shade using Velcro. Easy on, easy off.
I love having different toppers each season, giving the room a fresh new look every couple of months.


Susan in SC said...

Beautiful valances Tammy. These would be super easy to make as reversible curtains. Hmm, might need to make some for myself!

PW said...

What great window treatments!!! Lovely job!!

Kay said...

How did you know I was just wishing I had some pretty window treatments for our sun porch, and the basement and the stair landing and the bathroom???

(is there anything you can't do?)