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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going Back to the Past

With the imminent arrival of the next generation, I've been thinking a lot about documenting stories about our family, and decided to do part of that on this blog. Every week I'm going to post one or two of the old photos that I have on my computer and talk about what I remember about it. I welcome input from anyone else who remembers when the photo was taken and what was going on at the time. (It's REALLY EASY to comment here, and I know there are many family members reading who probably can add to my stories, so I hope to hear from you!)
Since today is Dad's birthday (he would be 69!) my first photo memory will be from his file... (click on photo to enlarge)
This is from the early 1950's. From left to right we have Aunt Jan, Uncle Eugene, Dad, and Uncle Wendell. Notice their clothes and boots behind the tank on what looks like rolls of fencing by the windmill.
I do not know the story behind this specific photo, but I chose it because I have a personal memory of swimming in the horse tank at Grandma's house.
I am the eldest grandchild on the side of the family, and the only one who remembers "the farm". They moved to town when I was five, so it must've been the summer I turned 4 that I remember spending several days on the farm with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma was busy all day with household and garden chores, and I remember her letting me play in the horse tank while she worked outside. After we went inside, Grandma had me take a bath, and the best part was that I got to keep my swimsuit on! :o) (My poor mom, I asked for weeks to bathe with my swimsuit on after that.)
Well, after spending time in the horse tank, then time in the tub, my little hands were wrinkled beyond recognition. Grandma was ironing clothes and when I noticed my hands and showed them to her, she offered to iron them for me to smooth them out. Of course I declined, and she assured me that my hands would eventually return to normal without the ironing.
I also remember helping Grandma set the table for supper, and she told me about how, during the Dust Bowl years, she had to set the plates and cups upside down so they didn't get too dirty to eat off of before the food got to the table.
Okay, Jan and Wendell (and Eugene if you still look at my blog), I'd love to hear the story behind this photo. Any details and memories you can add are appreciated!


Bobbi and Kurt said...
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Bobbi and Kurt said...

What a cute picture. Hopefully someone can fill you in on the details.