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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey There!

I've had complaints that I'm not blogging enough, and I know the reading has been slim the past few months. We've been busy getting ready for Jessica to have her baby, and the garden did really well (I dreamed about canning tomatoes last night - does that tell you about my weekend?), and I've had the privilege of having nieces and nephews here now and again over the summer, but just haven't made the time to tell you much about any of it.
I really want to show you how Jess is setting up the baby corner of her room, but she wants me to wait until we've finished personalizing it, and we can't do that until Baby is here since we don't know if we're getting a he or a she.
I do have a few photos from her baby shower which was held a little over a week ago. Family and friends gathered to wish her well, and she had a wonderful time.

Grace and Taylor were such good helpers with the gifts. Taylor wanted every toy and rattle, saying "This is Tay Rae's". She was in charge of bringing me the trash, and being two years old, wanted to throw everything away. We brought the trash bag home and salvaged quite a lot of tissue paper and a few bows, but nothing major. In this photo, Hannah is decorating Grace's, er, behind while Taylor wonders why that bow wasn't thrown in the garbage bag. :o)

Everyone was very generous, and Jessi had such fun sorting through all of the sweet gifts the next day. Everything is washed now and ready to be put away until they're needed.
Doesn't she look cute? She won't let me post "belly" pictures, but she's looking wonderful. Remember to go fill out an entry for the baby pool. Just click on the red button on the top left column of this blog. It's easy and free, and you just may win the prize!

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