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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Are We Telepathetic?*

As I arrived home from work this morning, the song on the CD player was “Sylvia’s Mother” by Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show (1971).  I hate to turn off the car in the middle of a song (OCD much?), so I usually just turn off the engine and listen to the remainder of the song before exiting the vehicle. (I love Dr. Hook’s music and was able to see them live at the State fair when I was in High School.)

Jess and Bradley were (and still are) snuggled in the recliner, and J and I chatted a minute. I’d taken some migraine meds when I got home, so I sat in my chair with my eyes closed, waiting for the meds to take effect. While sitting in the quiet, that song, “Sylvia’s Mother” was going through my mind - “Please Mrs. Avery I just got to talk to her, I’ll only keep her awhile…” 

Out of the blue, Jess says, “Sylvia’s Mother keeps going through my head this morning.”  I started laughing and told her it was the song I was listening to on the way home, and it was going through my head too!

We do this once in awhile – one of us will start singing a song or quoting a movie that the other was thinking of. Either we’re telepathetic* or we just spend way too much time together! :o)


*I know the word is “telepathic” – see this movie quote from Stepmom (1998):

Ben Harrison: See Mom? I told you! I'm telepathetic.
Jackie Harrison: Telepathic.
Ben Harrison: That's what I said.

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