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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The H1N1

SwineFluWe’ve had an uninvited and unwelcomed guest in our home for the past several days. Jessica was the first to succumb to it’s charms, just a tickle in the back of her throat that turned into an annoying cough, then it went downhill from there. On Friday morning I piddled around in town after work and didn’t get home until almost 11. I found Jess and Bradley in bed – Jess had a temp of 102.2  and a terrific headache.

Immediately I called the clinic and the appointment desk clerk balked a bit, telling me they were only taking emergencies. When I (politely) explained that Jess was a mere 11 days postpartum and running such a high temp, an appointment time miraculously opened up.

The flu test was positive and the doctor prescribed several medications, Tamiflu being the first. I asked for a prescription for both Greg and I as a preventative, and was denied.

So guess who else got sick?

I called the clinic yesterday afternoon when my own temperature reached 102. They didn’t even make me come in, they just went ahead and called in a prescription for me. (That is a MIRACLE for this clinic!)

I called Greg and asked him to pick it up on his way home. He asked me to call the clinic and get him a script, too, since he had started the irritating little cough that was the first symptom. I made him do it himself (hello! I was sick and he just didn’t want to talk on the phone to a stranger…) and they agreed (TWO miracles in one day!), so as soon as he got home we loaded up on the drugs.

He just now called me from work, sounding so perky I wanted to shoot him. I feel better, but still tired and achy and coughing.  Thankfully I haven’t had a fever today.

So far the baby is fine. There was nothing they could do for him that was preventative – we just take precautions to not breathe or cough around him. Those little masks from the pharmacy work great. No, you won’t see a photo of any of us in those. :o)

So while I am pissed off (pardon my French) that the doctor Jess saw on Friday wouldn’t give us the Tamiflu and save us from becoming ill,  at least we’ll be immune to H1N1 the rest of the winter. I guess if we have to find a good thing to come of this, that would be it.

To end this pathetic and whiney post on a high note, I’ll include a gratuitous photo of the little man,  or Tiberius as some call him (I’ll have to explain that one later…):

10-13-09 010


Dawn said...

So sorry to hear about your run in with H1N1. Dh had it about a month ago. I consider it a great miracle that I did not catch it. I hope all of you feel better soon!

Rhonda in OK said...

Yikes! so sorry you all had to go through this.

but baby "Tiberius" looks none the worse for wear - he is a serious looking little man in this picture.

Susan in SC said...

I am so sorry you are sick but am thankful that baby Ti didn't get sick! I kinda like Tiberius for a name! :)

Barbara Allen Moore said...

I have to agree that Tiberius is a great name. Sorry about the flu but I am surprised that they gave her Tamiflu since it has been widely publisied that its worthless against the Hini.