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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Decking Some of the Halls

Thanksgiving weekend began the decking of the halls as we helped decorate at our church here in town. It’s  tradition to wait until the evening of the first Sunday in Advent to traipse up the narrow, winding wooden stairs to the attic and haul down the boxes of festive adornments for the sanctuary.

(The photos I’m posting here I took from another blog by Nile Buch, our current supply pastor.)

The first thing to be set up is usually the model church. Like a dollhouse, it has furniture (pews) inside and is decorated for Christmas. You can see that it is lighted on the inside. There are lots of little details I’d love to show you – that’ll be a separate post.

zion christmas church

I don’t know how old this church is, but it’s been on display at Christmas every year since I became a member of Zion 26 years ago.

Another tradition is garland and bows all around the sanctuary. Greg worked with a few others on that project.

zion decorating 5 

zion decorating 4

I helped with the tree. A little bit.

zion tree 2

Several years ago the congregation donated white and gold ornaments to replace the aged and worn ones we’d used for a long, long time. I think it makes for a beautiful tree.

zion tree 

Decorating the church has always been a family holiday tradition for us, but as the kids grew up and moved away, we got away from it. I was very glad that Greg signed us up again this year. It was a fun way to begin our holiday season!

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