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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bradley’s First Christmas

Well Bradley’s first Christmas was definitely an adventure as far as the blizzard went. He was pretty laid  back about all the excitement, though. Jess is blessed to have such a good baby who takes the routine changes in stride.

holiday helper

He’s three months old today, oblivious to the gifts and celebrating, so the excitement of his first Christmas was ours. We actually didn’t go overboard with gifts this year, but cannot wait for next year – Grammy already has plans for a sled, and a wagon, and toys, and…

He’s pretty happy here while we wait for Grampy to wake up and join us to open presents:

12-25-09 055

Santa brought a Glo Worm that plays music. Santa said he was really impressed with it in the store, smiling and laughing. Here at home he was a bit puzzled…

12-25-09 065

It ended up that a nap was preferable to present opening…

12-25-09 085

Uncle Nick’s gift of a new bouncy seat turned out to be most useful for that.

12-25-09 089

1 comment:

Susan in SC said...

Awww, Baby Bradley is just a doll!!