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Tuesday, February 09, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out the closet in Bradley’s room. There are all manner of things stored in there, toys, games, books, Jessi’s high school memorabilia, Nick’s collection of Christmas ornaments, exercise tools, extra pillows, airbed, oh, and clothes. I came across a small cardboard box filled with odds and ends from Grandma Regier’s house. This box was stored in her guest room closet and no one wanted it when we cleaned out her house, so I brought it home, put it away, and promptly forgot about it.

The box held an antique swim dress, a velvet-lined box full of dress shields, some embroidered kitchen towels, a couple of sets of pillowcases, and quite an assortment of old hankies. Jessica was thrilled by the hankies, and we sorted through them, enjoying our new-found treasures. She picked out a few she wanted to keep, and I did likewise. All of them were washed and pressed, then divvied up between all of the Regier cousins. I hope they each enjoy having this small remembrance of Grandma.

As for the ones I kept, I put them in frames and hung them on the bathroom wall:

02-09-10 039

I love the touch of “vintage” they add to the room. Now I’m gonna have to re-do the bathroom again… :o)


1 comment:

Bobbi and Kurt said...

Thank you Tammy. I got mine today. Did you know I love yellow roses and send me that one specifically? I have placed them both in my curio cabinet that holds all the special things that Kurt and I both have from our grandparents.