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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Peony Season

In looking at past posts about the garden, there has been little mention of the peonies, one of my favorites. I’ve always loved their sweet smell and big, fat flowers. Mom always said the peonies should bloom by Memorial Day weekend. Some years that’s true, but I have had times when it was a week or more into June before we had flowers.

peonies 2010

They always get beaten up by the wind, every year. They’re situated on the West side of our property, and not sheltered one bit. Doesn’t matter, they still give a show, every year.

05-30-10 069

These are especially meaningful to me because we dug them out of my mom’s yard the summer after she passed away.  They need to be divided, so we’ll dig them up this year and spread the love around to other parts of the yard. :o)


Rhonda said...

those are so pretty - I think I need some peonies.
I like this stuff that comes back every year

Melanie said...

Your peonies are beautiful. I love how you have them in back of the purple flowers.

Anonymous said...

I have two peony plants, but they are so small that they didn't bloom yet. Love yours though!