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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thrifted Treasures

A few weeks ago Bradley and I stopped in at the local Goodwill store and we found a couple of treasures.

First there was this stack of pretty glass bowls:

05-30-10 018

I just love the lacy look of the outer rim. They have no brandname or markings of any kind, and I have no idea if they’re old or not. I just really liked them, so at 99 cents each, they came home with me.

I have an internet friend, Rhonda, who recently began collecting old Pyrex mixing bowls and such, and I thought of her when I noticed these pieces:

05-30-10 014

A gravy boat with saucer, and what I assume to be a sugar bowl and creamer?

I don’t collect Pyrex, but again, these were 99 cents each, so I bought them. Maybe I should have said I don’t collect Pyrex… yet. :o)



Rhonda said...

I am jealous of your Pyrex - but yes, I think you should collect it. It is great for cooking and so cute to look at.

I am also impressed you took Bradley to GW. When Gavin is here, we usually stay home.

Kay said...

Great minds GF! I'm going thrifting/flea-marketing with BFF on Saturday. I've got the itch! I started collecting & using smaller Pyrex pieces too. They are great for mwing Farmer's lunches @ work. I only use the plastic stuff for non-heated items now.

Susan in SC said...

Cute finds at the goodwill! I like the pyrex bowls!!

Melanie said...

Love the bowls you found at GW (one of my favorite stores) - they're so pretty!