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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scenes from the Back Seat

There are some days when Bradley is none too fond of going into the car seat, and even less so when the straps get buckled and snapped into place.

visions from the back seat (4)

See? He’s loud, too. Makes it tough to drive while trying to soothe the tantrum with songs or stories. The other day a light bulb went off and I dug my digital camera out of my purse. I keep a small, inexpensive one tucked away in case I need a quick photo.

Bradley was ecstatic when I turned it on and handed it back to him. He giggled and chattered and our drive to town became instantly a thousand times more pleasant. Happened again today. I think we’ve hit on the lucky charm for the moment to have that car seat be not such a horror.

Here are a few things Brad saw through the camera lens from the back seat:

visions from the back seat (1)

Yep, the back of Grammy’s seat and a little bit of her hair. Whoo. No wonder he’s not excited about being back there!

visions from the back seat (3)

A self-portrait of the bottom half of his face. I think watching the flash was the fun thing here.

visions from the back seat (6)

Gotta love the ceiling. Look! There’s a light! And a handle so Grammy can get all the way up into the car when she has to get into the back seat!

visions from the back seat (2)

Ooooh. A finger.

visions from the back seat (5)

Can’t forget to look down! Gotta love the tennies!

Now don’t be horrified that I gave a digital camera to a toddler. It’s a really inexpensive one and the entertainment value for him is priceless!

1 comment:

Susan in SC said...

This works with 10 year old boys as well! Just wait until you start having Conversations from the back seat! So much fun!!