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Monday, July 04, 2011

Make Do & Mend Monday

This Make Do & Mend project turned out not quite the way it was intended when I finally started it, but I like it very much.

It all began out with this old high chair that I picked up at a garage sale three or four summers ago. I thought I would cut a hole in the seat for a flowerpot, and put the chair out in the garden. It was wobbly and dirty, so I put it in the garage until I took the time to deal with it.


So, that was a few years ago. That much time in my garage did it no favors as it got wobblier and dirtier. In the Spring I asked Greg if he’d power wash it to get the grime off. I was thinking I would glue it back together, paint it, and bring it inside to use for a certain little boy to use at the kitchen counter.

Power washing did the trick of getting off all the grime and the finish, but it also pretty much shredded the wood in many places. I sanded some, but the more I sanded, the more wobbly joints and disconnected places I found. The chair was rough and still kind of wobbly, and it became clear that it would be safer for my grandkids if the chair stayed outside and housed a flower pot instead.

A few coats of paint later, and here it is:

highchair after (2)

For now it is sitting on the porch by the front door. I like it there, but am not sure that’s where it will stay. The flowers are planted in an old enamel bowl that just barely fits the seat. They’ll fill out in the next couple of weeks and look a bit more lush. I’m afraid I tested their limits in the tiny pots from the store before I planted them, but they’re bouncing back nicely.

highchair after (5)

This sweet iron dragonfly is keeping watch. He’s heavy enough, he just sits on the arm of the chair without having to be fastened. I’d like to add a little something across the back of the chair, but haven’t quite figured that out yet. Something I can change with the seasons. I’ll let you know.



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If you post a Make Do & Mend project, we’d all love to see it – leave me a link in your comment.



Have a safe and happy 4th of July!




Heidi said...

I love it there! That color is so pretty and the addition of the dragonfly is sweet.

Hugs from Holland ~

Rhonda said...

looks great!

Melanie said...

Tammy, this chair with the pot of flowers is SO cute! Love the color that you painted the chair. If you want to hang something from the back of the chair, how about a grapevine wreath?

Susan in SC said...

I love this Tammy! You are so creative!!

Terri said...

What IS that paint color? I think it's just a gorgeous color!