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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I realize that many of my posts about Bradley playing are of activities I’ve set up for him. He loves those, and I enjoy doing them, but this Grammy has other things she needs to tend to around the house, too, so the little man gets to play by himself plenty. His most favorite toys are the dinosaurs.

They’re just rubber/plastic/whatever, and are only $1 each at the local store. He has six now and loves each one. We know the names of most, but don’t worry about the ones we don’t know. They’re all just “dinosaur” anyway right now.

They stomp around and growl at us and each other. Sometimes they fight with each other, sometimes they kiss each other. Sometimes I have to kiss them. Recently, they began eating grass when they were playing outside.


They had been on a long ride in the hot rod and needed a rest and snack, I guess.


Most usually they’re in a natural state, as God intended, but while the girl cousins were here, the dinos were adorned in beads.


Sometimes one or two will go home with Bradley and spend the night, but they always come back and the house is filled with stomping and growling again. Growling – But that’s okay, because…



Susan in SC said...

Love the dinosaurs but Bradley is adorable!

Heidi said...

Too, too, too cute post Tammy! Love the shades again Bradley. You are one handsome dude with a great set of wheels although I am not sure I would want to ride with

Hugs from Holland ~

Anonymous said...

Oh, what little boy does not love dinosaurs? Bradley is growing up so fast, and adorable! What is that studded ball in the background on the photo where he has the dinosaurs laying on a blanket in the yard?

Rhonda said...

very sweet post, I think Gavin and Bradley could be great playmates.
Gavin likes "tractors" he also calls all big trucks & construction vehicles tractors.

Jimmy was also a dinosaur fan when he was a little boy. I think he still likes them but he kind of has to hid it to be taken seriously in his profession. :)