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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Decking the, um, Deck (Make Do and Mend)

I did this project on Monday, which was Make Do and Mend day. Some of my other online friends post their projects, too. Just check Heidi’s blog for a list.

This one was easy and (almost) a no-brainer. While Greg’s niece Hannah was in high school, she sold greenery every year for band fundraiser. I always bought a large evergreen wreath. Now that she’s graduated, I don’t get my pretty wreath each year. I was thinking about that the other day, and remembered that I’ve kept a couple of the wire forms from them.


I dug one out of the garage at great risk to my well-being since it was hanging on the garage wall, under pieces of chicken wire and the rotisserie for the grill – all of this behind the bicycles – it was a trick to get the wreath form down without everything falling on me!

Then I found the tote with the greenery and took off the old and faded bows.


In no time there was a nice, big, albeit fake, wreath for the front deck.


Not one dime spent after I discovered a spool of ribbon in the Christmas decorations and made a fresh new bow instead of spending $5 for one at the store.


This was the beginning of holiday decorating at my house, done on a 60° late-November afternoon. Just in time to welcome the snow coming this weekend – then it will look a lot like Christmas for sure!


Susan in SC said...

I LOVE your deck decorations Tammy! You are so clever!!

HeidiInHolland said...

Your deck looks fabulous Tammy! So festive and all things you already have. I have boxes of faux garlands that I have not been using and might be inspired by this to create a wreath too. Right now, I am slowly putting some ornaments on my tree today.

Hugs from Holland ~

Andrea said...

Your deck looks festive and I really like your blog header as well.