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Monday, December 12, 2011

Season’s Greetings on the Front Porch

make_do_and_mend After hanging garland and a wreath on the front of the deck, I pretty much blew off any more outside decorating for awhile. I got back to it yesterday, but it’s taken more than 24 hours to come up with the final display to greet visitors. In case you can’t stop by and say hi this holiday season, I’ll show you how it ended up.

It started with a few evenings of perusing the interwebs, looking at blog posts and photos on Pinterest for inspiration. I was really liking the simple, natural displays.

I gathered an old window that had been tucked away in a corner in the den, a faux greenery wreath, and the old high chair I painted and put on the porch last summer. This afternoon I shopped the house and was happy to find Dad’s ice skates hanging by a nail on the closet wall. There was a wire basket from Goodwill, a bag of pinecones the in-laws brought back from Texas in the Fall, and some random decorative “stuff”, and I was set. I love the layers, yet it’s simple and, I hope, welcoming: 


From our house to yours:

Merry Christmas!

(This post is a Make Do and Mend Monday project!)



Rhonda said...

really cute Tammy. I especially like your dad's skates and the green wreath.

You sound like me, anymore I seem to get a little done and then have to find time later to get a little more done. But I know our grandbabies will grow up just as fast as their parents did and there will be days in the near future when I have plenty of time to do things in one session.

Melanie said...

I love your display, Tammy - I think the skates really "make" it! Great job. :-)