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Saturday, October 22, 2005

And the pain goes on...

So I've spent most of the week with a migraine. Ain't life grand?
This weekend will be for de-stressing and resting so I can be refreshed and energetic again. . .
I have spent the past few evenings on the sofa, catching up on the first season of "Desperate Housewives". I missed most of the first season, but am watching the new episodes each week. Anyone else a fan?
I don't watch a lot of TV in the evenings. Sunday night seems to be about it with "West Wing", "Desperate Housewives", and "Grey's Anatomy". I was watching "Prison Break" on Mondays, but now stupid baseball is on in that time slot. We will watch the new season of "24" when it starts in January.
Otherwise, Greg has control of the remote and I listen to a lot of TLC - OCC, Overhaulin', and Miami Ink. Or History Channel, or Discovery. And whatever NFL game is on. :o)
The photo for today has nothing to do with TV. It's Wyatt sitting in my refrigerator eating a piece of cheese. Just too cute a picture not to post it.

1 comment:

m_oquist10 said...

well hello there
thank you greg for watchin miami ink, although Inked is way better (Carey Hart is a hottie) i am sure he will dump pink and marry me some day...
i would love to do your hair! it would be a pleasure, also nice pic of wyatt, lil joe dirte seems to be growing, it makes me happy that he can put past the mullet and be happy i made myself giggle

love ya tammy
Megan Urban (soon to be Hart)