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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my new blog! I've never done this before and thought it would be fun. Let me know if you read it!
It is a beautiful day here, but I've not been outside much yet. I am going out in a bit and work on cleaning up the patio.
Greg and I were going to clean out the shed in the backyard today, but Jessica brought home her computer and he's been working on cleaning out a virus on it all day. It's good to have her home for the weekend. The last time we saw her was for a few hours on September 18...
I had Wyatt overnight and then Randy came with the babies for awhile, so the morning was full of playing and not working. Here's a rare photo of the three of them all happy at the same time. Pay no attention to Greg's underwear in the laundry basket... hee hee. I introduced Wyatt to fingerpaint. He would finally put a finger in to make a line, but no way he was putting his whole hand in it!
This afternoon was a nice long nap - long overdue, I'm afraid. But I feel better now and will be very productive the rest of the weekend.
Okay, I'm going to post this now and see how it comes out. ..

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Sherry Anstine said...

Hi Tammy: See I am slowly learning to use the computor. I have really enjoyed reading your Blog and seeing pictures. I had the best Birthday Party, I was never so surprised in my life. 20 of my friends from my home here attended and they were real pleased with themselves for keeping such a great secret so long. Having Barb and Mike there was so very great. Deedee knew one most precious hearts desire was to see all my children together after so many years, almost 25. Jack damaged our family so bad but I think now maybe everyone is healed or healing. they never doughted my love but felt I had not proteced them as I should have. I did what I could, I had no idea how to handle Abuse, I wasn't raised knowing how, as we never had it in the home I was raised in. But God answered my prayers and Deedee's. She felt I was in a good place in my life and I am in a good place with God, so Deedee felt God would bring us all together and he did. Isn't it great. I get to do things I have never gotten to enjoy. I have been to Branson twice now for shows, We saw Ray Stevens this last month. I have the pleasure of go to a Dinner Theatre in Arkansaw and most of all I have friends, real friends, this is a first for me. I think of your mother so often. Did you ever get that book writen with the Photo's. She was always like my own child as I had cared for from day one. I had planned to be with her at the end to, I was leaving that Thur. at 5 A.M. but I was to late. I was glad you were there Tammy and I hope you have forgiven her for the hurt. She always looked for love and I don't think she ever found it, not the kind she craved, strong and ever lasting. But I hope she found peace in her heart with God. That is another reason this Birthday was important to me, I wasn't supposed to live long enough to see it, fooled them didn't I. I do chair aroebics and water aroebics three days a week. Walking is getting harder, distances mainly. Well Angel I am so glad to get Blog, I love you all so very much. Oh yes we have Gospel Singers in here every Sat. night and I really enjoy them. My heart is happy Tammy. Give my love to the kids will? My Love Aunt Sherry.