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Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, Monday

Whew! So glad to be done with this day and sitting in my comfy chair watching a decorating show. Greg is working nights this week, so I get sole ownership of the TV remote!
We were able to have Sunday lunch with Greg's family and all four grandkids were there. It's always better when everyone is able to come. After lunch, Nick had to go to work, but Jessi, Greg, and I went target shooting for awhile. None of us could hit anything to save our lives, but I did explode a mini pumpkin with a pointblank shot with the 9 mm. It was awesome! :o)
A week ago last Friday, Greg and I went to Sioux City to see Styx and REO Speedwagon in concert. (REO was the first concert I ever went to - Greg took me when I was a Senior in High School.) We were very psyched and I couldn't wait until they did "Riding the Storm Out" with the sirens. Unfortunately, REO left much to be desired - the mix was bad with too much bass, and sometimes you couldn't hear what they were singing because the instruments too loud. The sirens were great, though.
Neither of us had ever heard Styx live, and they were incredible. Tommy Shaw is my new crush! (Stop rolling your eyes, Jessi!) Greg even admitted they were the better show.
That's it for today - see, my life is SO exciting! :o)


1 comment:

Barb Moore said...

Hey Tammy, I had a crush on Tommy Shaw wayyyyyyy back when. It's nice to see he's still looking good.