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Friday, January 06, 2006

Those Christmas Cards!

I used to donate my old Christmas cards to Head Start. We used them to make sewing cards and other Christmas projects. Now we don't "do" holidays at Head Start, and I hate to throw the cards away, so I have some new things I'm doing now.
First, I'm making a scrapbook page that includes 1 1/2" squares punched from all photos that were sent, and from some of the fronts of the cards. I was surprised that most of the photos worked to include everyone even when punched so small! :o)
The other thing I'm doing is because of the following information I got from a Christmas email list I'm on:
Here's some info on where you can donate your old Christmas cards on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.Oyate Teca Project runs a youth center on the reservation that serves hundreds of children and they'd love to have your old Christmas cards to recycle into craft supplies for the kids to make gift tags, ornaments, cards, etc. for Christmas next year (you can send them now though!)
You can mail your Christmas cards of any type here:
U.S. Mail Address:
Carmelita Mesteth
Oyate Teca Project
P.O. Box 190
Kyle, SD 57752
UPS/FedEx address:
Carmelita Mesteth
Oyate Teca Project
Wakanyeja Okolakiciye Youth Center
1000 Youth Center Drive
Kyle, SD 57752
If you want to save on postage, you can cut off the fronts of the cards and just mail those.
One last thing I plan to do - I saved all the insides of the cards, and all the newsletters I got. They are currently in a wooden snowman box on the counter. Each week I want to pick out a card and write a note or letter to that person. Yeah, snail mail - what a treat! :o)

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