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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ANOTHER snow day - argh!

While I don't mind the time at home, we have to make up every day we miss at Head Start. We have to offer a minimum number of school days to the families, and when we miss one, we make it up. Three days is getting to be a LOT of makeup time! Hopefully today the snowplows will have more luck getting those country roads cleared, local public schools will open, and my staff will be able to come to work tomorrow.
I went to town twice yesterday, forgetting the first time that I had water aerobics class later that afternoon, so I went to town again. It was good to get out of the house. :o)
There is some damage from the heavy snow. Awnings on the stores in town are sagging or broken, and people were on top of roofs scooping the snow off. Greg can't go to work for awhile - the warehouse roof collapsed yesterday and the roof in the office was creaking and popping. Fun.
I'm going to try to be more productive around home today and stay off the computer. No more videos today, I promise! Blogger is apparently posting photos again. This was taken about 6 a.m. yesterday, looking out the back door. (Yeah, I know, you already saw the video.)


Bobbi and Kurt said...

I am breaking out of the house today. I haven't been out since Saturday morning, so I am really excited to go to physical therapy.

Barb Moore said...

We dug out and dug out and dug out after the plows and dug out some more! Sent pictures to Frogger in Memphis via e-mail, he had called when he saw the storm on the weather channel. We also tortured him by sending a picture of the fried chicken we had for supper.(his favorite mom food) He's at a camp this weekend for Laotian kids, he's exploring his Asian side these days. Our whole block was out scooping and we went house to house digging each other out, six shovels worked faster than one when digging out the cars. Man were we sore later!