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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Good visit

Aunt Sherry and Debbie came to visit today. It was wonderful to see them again. I had Randy's kids, so it was a mini-family reunion. :o)
Aunt Sherry looked great. She looked at the photo book I'd made about Mom's childhood, and talked about the pictures (most of which she sent me).
Debbie talked about things we did as kids - some I remember vividly (the knitting needles, the screen door, the spanking), others I did not (washing our hair with Skin-So-Soft, yikes!). We did get into some trouble as kids.
Unfortunately, their visit was shorter than planned. Everybody please say a prayer for Debbie's granddaughter Bevin, and for Debbie's safe trip back to Tennessee to be with her family.

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