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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blooming beauty

I don't have near the flowers I've had in the past 5 or six years, but what I do have is gorgeous. Each time a new flower blooms, I am in awe at how nature works. Still moving things around, but the transplants I've done so far look good. Lots more work to do, but that's what keeps me out of trouble!
This photo is some variety of Asiatic Lily that has multiplied vastly since last summer. There are dozens of them - I think they're awesome.
If you want to take a look at this year's flowers, I do have a Yahoo album:


Barb said...

Love the Lily. On my paper route I have one house that has a large patch o Asian Lilies half in a dark yellow gold and the others are that deep ornage. At another house she has made a point to plant only flowers in vaious ranges of purple and lavender so go with her yellow house but... there are three Asian lilies in dark rusty red. They are very beautiful. I need some for nex year in that gorgeous color. They are next to her dark almost black clematis. I need some of those too. I checked out your yahoo photos and my list grew! So much to plant and so little yard!

Barb said...

Please excuse former comment spelling errors. Some days my odd form of dyslexia takes over my life. I really did proof read and still managed to make several errors. Must be because I had to kiss little miss Vivi and got distracted.