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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Am I a pirate?

Oh yeah, baby!
We saw Pirates 2 today. Though not as good as the first movie, in my opinion, Johnny Depp makes any movie worth sitting through for 2 1/2 hours!
Okay, Orlando was pretty hot, too.
This movie was much less believable than the first, but leaves some glaring unanswered questions sure to be answered in the next installment.
Nick tells me the third "Pirates" is due to be released next Memorial Day. I'm counting down already. Yeah, I must be a pirate...


Barb Moore said...

Ok so I have a secret lust on for Johnny Depp. Recently we counted how many of his movies we own, they include:
Don Juan DeMarco (thought provoking when you get past the silliness, how one person can change your life by simply changing his)
From Hell (disturbing & sad)
Ninth Gate (starts good then falls off and ends badly, bad directing)
Secret Window (spooky, Frogger can imitate the bad guy real well)
Chocolate (personal favorite, don't watch without chocolate handy because you'll crave some, him, both)
Sleepy Hallow (funny, great costuming, visually dark since Tim Burton directed, sneaky twists and turns)
Pirates of Car. ( 2nd favorite)
Wow that many! Who new!

Tammy said...

I worked at the theater tonight where we sold out both evening shows of Pirates. We had pirate hats on and kept asking each other, "Why is all the rum gone?". :)
One of the customers said "If Johnny Depp walked in right now, he'd be very proud." I said, "If Johnny Depp walked in right now, I'd fall dead on the floor!" Another guy said something about JD "being good for something anyway", and my reply is that I'm sure Johnny Depp would be good for many things. The guy left with an uncomfortable shrug. Heehee.