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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sweet corn season

Like many rural Nebraskans, we have access to a boatload of free sweet corn this time of year. It is at it's peak of ripeness and sweetness right now, and we seem to have it for at least one meal each day. It's been many years since I had enough at one time to freeze it, but that is the project for tomorrow. Today we picked in the sunshine, with a nice breeze blowing. The kids had a great time. This evening we shucked it - that wasn't perhaps the most fun thing for them, but they were troopers and we got it done. Abbie didn't care for the little caterpillars we found periodically, and I remember being a bit squeamish about them when I was a child.
Tomorrow we blanche, cool, cut, bag, and freeze it. Next winter we will be very glad we did. The taste will take me back, not only to the midsummer months we're experiencing right now, but to my childhood. I learned how to "do" corn with my mom many years ago. I hope when Ben and Abbie get to eat some of their corn this winter, they will remember a fun trip to my house (Ben just asked me if we ever get to have a "Corn Festival" around here. "That would be like Heaven to me, smothered in butter and salt!" - he really just said that! :o)

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Barb M said...

Yes we've been picking sweet corn this week as well. It was explained to me when I noted that the ears weren't as big as I expected that I had not bought my seed from a seed store but from Walmart. That made all the difference. So next year it's off to the seed store where the farmers buy there seed for the better product.