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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On this day in history...

P. T. Barnum
Huey Lewis
Dolly the Sheep

Who shares a birthday with me (but that's all I have in common with them)?

Yes, I'm shamelessly flaunting my birthday here because I can. A low-key day, though I enjoyed a fun lunch at Applebee's with my friend Barb, where we got lots of free food. Then Greg took me there again for supper where I enjoyed lots of Sangria!
As far as how old I am, I can only say that some days I feel 90, some days I feel 17, so partway between them is just about right!
A better day than yesterday - even besides being my birthay. Got a new vacuum cleaner that I LOVE. I like to vacuum and Greg hates when I do because I can often go for 30 or 45 minutes, easy. It's a good time to think or not, and you can see results as you do it.
The bed is dry and put back together. The cap on the air release valve was loose - that was our leak. It hadn't been leaking but just a few days - thank goodness I noticed it before it was worse.
Greg pounded the garage door back into semi-acceptable shape. The opener mechanism came undone and fell onto the door as it was opening, putting some major dents in it. We think he can bolt it back up.
Still haven't moved or looked at the washer - I've been promised that will happen tomorrow.
Thought we had Greg's birth certificate, but found out today we need to get it. Gotta love the internet - it's ordered and will be here within two weeks. Whew - the cruise is only five weeks away and I was afraid he'd have to make a quick trip to Texas to get it in time.
The last of the interior trim is down (I've been working on that for weeks), so painting can commence tomorrow - except we're going to see "Pirates of the Caribbean" at Noon, so not much will get done. (That's one of the perks of me working at the theater - we get to see the movies before the general public.)
I'm off to watch a movie (love Netflix!) and snuggle into my real bed - now that's a great birthday treat!


Bobbi and Kurt said...

Glad you had a nice birthday. Hope the washer got fixed, so you don't have a lot of dirty clothes piled up.

Barb Moore said...

Happy Bday! I also can't really say my age, not because I avoid it but because some days I'm 17 and some I'm 105. It just depends on how creaky my bones are that day and if my chocolate supply has run out.