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Monday, October 23, 2006

Dinner's in the Freezer

I taught my first Community Ed class tonight about freezer cooking. I think it went quite well, and I wasn't nervous at all. I had 12 people sign up and all of them showed up and paid to hear me! They were a great group - asked lots of questions and shared some tips of their own. They asked for a follow-up class, so I'll have to check into that. I teach this same one again in Feb/March. There were several people who wanted to come tonight, but couldn't because of harvest, so I was asked to do a second class.This was fun! :o)


Barb M said...

Wow, thats what I want to do teach people to cook! I'm looking for a house with a large kitchen that I can use for classes. My vision is less structure. Talk to you later about it. You may have info and ideas I can use or need. I love having smart family especially ones who have similar interests!

Anonymous said...

great when am I invitd over

Tammy said...

Well, anonymous, if I knew you were, I could invite you! :o)

jan said...

It is your Mother in law