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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Great Day

Garett and Grace stayed here today and we had the best time! They're 21 months old now. Garett finally has almost all of his teeth, and Grace is talking up a storm. Sorry this photo is a bit blurry - that's what I get for not wearing my glasses and making sure it was focused. No sight sweeter to this former preschool teacher than this one. They were so intent on these books! Eventually they made their way to my lap so I could read to them. That was probably my favorite part of the day. Well, that, and naptime. :o)

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Barb M said...

I was out delivering newspapers one day and the young boy who has the route next to mine came by. He was delivering his papers while reading. I kid you not! He was reading as he walked! Boy did that bring back memories of walking all the way to your guys house after school and I'd read all the way as I walked, the younger kids trailing behind me. We went to Willard school so it was a very long walk across town. This boy was reading Christian science fiction. He was very happy to tell me that he owned all 23 books and had found a 24th at the library. We chatted a moment about where to find more of the same and then off he went. A few days later he passed me again and was reading Star Wars. I was so happy to see a boy his age, maybe 9, reading that the picture of him that first day stays with me still. Vivi already demands her own book when we're reading and she sat very quietly while Dylan read to her recently. This was fantastic, not just for her, but for us to see and hear Dylan voluntarily reading. It's his hardest thing and one of the reasons he struggles so in school.