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Monday, October 09, 2006

Study Buddies

Yeah, I've been procrastinating with my schoolwork the past couple of weeks, but today I spent several hours studying and writing essays and interviewing preschool teachers. I did all of this DESPITE the help I got from "the boys". I got my books and papers, etc. out on the table and went to get a paper clip. Came back and found them lounging on my things. They must want a degree, too.


Heidi said...

Oh Tammy! I am in love with your "boys"! They are just growing like mad and how adorable is this with them spred out on your table.

Barb M said...

WEll they say cats own you , you don't own them. They also beleive that all the things in the house are their's as well as all the area around your house. So in reality they are allowing you to use the table for your studies as they relax. Watch out..they may turn into "Garfields"! Oh and give them a scratch for me.

Patty said...

I am glad to hear you are finally studying!! However, I didn't mind helping you procrastinate a bit!! I had fun! :)