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Saturday, March 17, 2007


We spent a lovely day driving the backroads south of the Platte River between Alda and Gibbon. The annual migration of the Sandhill Cranes is beginning to peak, and we enjoyed the birds and the river. Sunshine and 60 degrees made it perfect birdwatching weather. Here's a link to more information about the cranes, and the place where we started today:
We took a minute or so of video, but the wind was blowing too hard to hear the cranes. Sounded a bit like "cooing". We saw a few do the "dance", too. It was very cool!

The Platte River (it's pretty when it has water in it!)

The crane in the middle of this photo is "dancing".

1 comment:

Bobbi and Kurt said...

Glad you enjoyed the cranes. They do bring in tourists which is a good thing. Kurt and I are not crane lovers. We have river and farm property near Phillips, and the cranes make a real mess. Kurt has always wanted to know why all the states around us can shoot cranes and not us. I found a recipe last year for BBQ'd crane that sounded pretty good. I also saw a recipe for crane fried in a turkey fryer. We saw several cars at Crane Meadows yesterday as we drove by on I-80.